20 Neighborhoods Five-star Ratings

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Live Baltimore has given 20 neighborhoods five-star ratings as the city’s family-friendly finest based on six criteria: active parents’ group, great school options, room to grow, walkability to shops and restaurants, affordability, and number of kids in the neighborhood.

Gondol said the criteria was developed from 18 months of research, parent focus groups and surveys to determine which neighborhood characteristics are most highly valued by families. As a result, the list doesn’t include some favorites such as Roland Park, Cedarcroft and Ten Hills.

Here is the full list:

  • Abell – is a neighborhood located in the north-central area of Baltimore, It derives its name from the Abell family, longtime owners of the Baltimore Sun newspapers. The majority of residential structures in Abell are row houses of medium-to-large size. Abell is considered to be part of Charles Village, Baltimore
  • Barclay – the neighborhood lies south of Charles Village. Though the area’s houses, primarily late Victorian three story brownstones, were clearly built for the middle-class, it has in the last decade experienced severe economic decline, housing abandonment, crime and gang problems. Residents are primarily lower income African Americans
  • Belvedere – named for the geographic location and the famous Belvedere hotel, Midtown-Belvedere is a historic part of the city that is explored by locals and those just passing through. Home to mostly renters, it’s very popular among the students from the University of Baltimore, the Peabody and those who count on Penn Station for commuting.
  • Brewers Hill – The neighborhood’s architecture includes a variety of houses built between 1915 and 1920 as the city expanded eastward. The housing includes traditional Baltimore rowhouses built of redbrick and formstone, a type of stucco. Many of the older houses have original architectural features, such as marble steps and porch fronts.

    20 neighborhoods five-star ratings
    Formstone fronts
  • Charles Village – is a neighborhood located in the north-central area of Baltimore. It is a middle-class area with many single-family homes that is in proximity to many of Baltimore’s urban amenities. The neighborhood began in 1869 when 50 acres of land were purchased for development. The land was divided and turned over to various builders who constructed home exteriors, leaving the interiors to be custom built according to buyer specifications.
  • Chinquapin Park – the community has the character of a village with residential sections. Chinquapin Run bounds the neighborhood on the east, from which it derives its name. Lined by tall trees and rolling lawns, the well-kept park is a place for neighborhood picnics and other functions, and a peaceful scenic stroll.
  • Evesham Park – is a neighborhood in northern Baltimore City, convenient to everything.  Built in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s the homes are comprised of porch front Victorians, and Tudor style row homes.
  • Glen Oaks – is a neighborhood in the North District of Baltimore and it’s shaped like a big right foot instep, big toe and heel. Most of the homes in Glen Oaks are brick row houses, built in 1948
  • Harwood – is a small neighborhood located in the north-central area of Baltimore It sits east of Charles Village, south of Abell Harwood consists primarily of brick rowhouses along mostly east-west streets.
  • Homeland – a planned neighborhood in the northern part of Baltimore. It is bounded roughly by Melrose Avenue on the north, Bellona Avenue on the east, Homeland Avenue on the south, and Charles Street on the west. The neighborhood has been identified as one of the top fifty urban neighborhoods by Worth Magazine.
  • Keswick
  • Lake Evesham
  • Lake Walker
  • Locust Point
  • Madison Park
  • Medfield
  • Mid-Govans
  • Mid-Town Belvedere
  • Reservoir Hill
  • Upper Fells Point

Next week we will cover the remaining ten neighborhoods.

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