3-Point Guaranteed Offer System

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Trusted Homebuyers has initiated a proprietary 3-point guaranteed offer system.

  1. The first point is a quick phone call where we gather some initial information to determine our seller’s needs and assess the property for our preliminary discovery.
  2. The second point is where we provide a lot of value to the home seller with our “Trusted Homebuyers Intense Property and Market Study”. This extensive evaluation allows us to make an accurate offer.
    • The first step is to have our certified property estimator visit the home take a video, sketch a custom drawing and complete a detail repair estimate sheet.
    • The second step is to have our team of market experts evaluate the value of the property in its current condition and the value if it were completely renovated. This process provides 2 pieces of key information, which allows us to make our guarantee offer. First THB can estimate the exact costs for the renovations needed. Second is to set the price that the seller’s house in renovated condition will sell for.
  3. The third point is to share with the sellers our intense property and market study. This is the sellers chance to see our entire findings and ask questions. At Trusted Homebuyers we believe knowledge is important to our customers making their best decision and we offer the sellers the opportunity to have as much information as they wish. When the seller’s questions have been answered we will present them with a guaranteed offer. The sellers have no obligation and can accept or reject our offer. If they accept we will discuss settlement dates and any needs the sellers may have.

This process represents over 20 hours of work that we give to our sellers free as our gift.  The amount of work we do on behalf of the sellers is what separates us from our competition and is why Trusted Homebuyers is the only home buying company that can guarantee to buy your home.

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