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Here’s a drone update to our blog post about Drones on January 27th: Carrie Wells at The Baltimore Sun wrote “After what felt like a long wait, operators of the commercial unmanned aircraft say the rules proposed Sunday by the Federal Aviation Administration are a good compromise that will eliminate uncertainty while ending some practices, such as flying at night.”

Small-drone operators around the region have been shooting aerial pictures for real estate agents, mapping land for developers, even shooting video for documentaries. Some in the industry believe small drones will continue to become more common, inspecting bridges and cell towers, monitoring crops, and more.

The rules proposed Sunday would ban the aircraft from flying at night or close to an airport. They also limit flying over people “not involved” with the flight. The rules require operators to keep the drone within eyeshot — dashing, at least for now, Amazon and other large retailers’ hopes for aerial package delivery.

The regulations won’t be final for two or three years, so waivers must be applied for and waivers approved for commercial operation of drones. So far drones must be operated only on a line-of-sight basis. I suspect the rule will be relaxed as technology improves so drones can be operated out of sight.

It is an exciting time for real estate technology, with new ideas and applications coming to market every week, it seems.

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