Happy Holidays

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4979e842bb4b2a98e2e674bd91ad3fa1It is the eve before Christmas Eve in the nation’s capital. Are you ready for the holidays? If you have been just too busy with the business of America to pause and add some holiday decorations to your home, here are some tips to get the job done, You may notice that these are some good-old, American money saving ideas that families have followed for years.

1-Put up a tree – the major stores are having sales. You can buy a 7 foot artificial tree three feet around for half price. It already has multi-colored lights and looks wonderful even without other traditional decorations. After the season is over, just put it back in the box and re-use it next year.

2-Mistletoe – no holiday season is respectable without a little mistletoe hanging by the door where lovers are expected to kiss. Do taxpayers have mistletoe when they kiss their money goodbye?

3-Cloved Oranges – With an artificial tree, you won’t have the aroma of freshly cut fir, but you can have that holiday spirit with cloved oranges. The aroma can be better than the smell of money.

4Don’t forget the mantel – candles are always good or green fir boughs impart a Holiday scent. Where can you get fir boughs? Stop at a Christmas tree lot and ask. They will give them away or charge you a little, if you are nice.

5Decorate the tree with candy canes – the red of the candy canes and the green tree will look great together and provides a snack through the holiday season.

Finally, clean the house – Nothing says you care better than a clean bathroom, clean kitchen and made beds. It’s also a patriotic thing to do to celebrate the New Year.

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