Real Estate: Building on Improvements

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The Washington Post reports, “The Washington-area real estate market in January made steady gains in sales, inventory and prices, according to a report released Tuesday, building on improvements seen the month before at the end of what had largely been a stagnant year.”

The conclusion: the market is gaining momentum leading into the spring home-buying season.

“This likely means sales activity could exceed the 2014 levels in the spring,” said Corey Hart, RBI’s senior product manager who wrote the report. “We’re not predicting astronomical gains, but steady gains.

In Five Real Estate Trends for 2015, We noted that “…low interest rates, a booming stock market and a strengthening economy, plus foreign investors’ continuing interest in American real estate, will create almost “the perfect storm” for real estate in 2015: The market is as healthy and people are as bullish as seen in 20 years.”

In addition, gas prices are still the lowest seen in years and interest rates remain low, though up from the lows of two weeks ago.

There are some skeptics. Ramsey Su via Acting-Man blog, thinks consumers are stuck. Millennials are stuck in jobs that don’t pay well. Not only do they lack the financial means, they need to be mobile so they can pursue career opportunities wherever they may find them. Boomers are equally restricted.  Many are reaching retirement age and finding themselves financially unprepared to enjoy their golden years.

There are always good reasons to own a home, a place to raise a family.  However, home ownership via extremely leveraged financing carries enormous and unprecedented risk.  The new normal might be stagnation.

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