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We noted in Realtor vs. Real Estate Investor that real estate investors study the real estate market and know:

  • What kind of return on investment they are seeking.
  • They have money to invest
  • They know how long to own a property
  • And they have an exit strategy.

The Washington Business Journal has an article by Daniel J. Sernovitz in which we meet Potomac-based developer Willco and Rockville-based Landmarc Asset Advisors. “The two real estate investors are teaming up to seek out so-called “flight-to-quality” victims and other challenged commercial real estate in the D.C. area as a new wave of debt is poised to expire and likely force more property onto the market in the next few years.”

It is important to note that Wilco and landmark will invest $35 million that they plan to leverage into about $150 million in real estate deals. Their targets will including office buildings in good locations, but in need of capital for improvements as well as other real estate with vacancy challenges in the metro area.

The two company’s owners have a strategy and they have the money. I assume they know how long to hold the property and have an exit strategy. As a realtor, these are ideal clients.

While these two companies invest in commercial property, Trusted Homebuyers is a professional real estate investor specializing in single family homes. We are seeking sellers who have reached a point that their debt is too much of a burden. Maybe it is adjustable debt that just broke the budget. Maybe it is a matter of deferred maintenance. The house is going to cost too much money and the homeowner just doesn’t have the budget to affect the changes.

Trusted Homebuyers are professional investors seeking to help homeowners in stressful situations. We can help the homeowner sell quickly, sell as-is, then fix up the property and resell the property for a modest profit. We save neighborhoods and help homeowners get through the four Ds: debt, divorce, downsizing, and death in a family.

We are an ideal client for a realtor. We can act quickly. We know what we want and will make an offer when you bring us that house that meets our criteria.  AND we have the money to close the deal.

Give us a call today to let us know what YOU need help with!

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