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You just returned to your home in Baltimore from a lengthy vacation in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. You turn on the news at WBAL and are shocked to hear that there is a possibility of snow flurries tonight. Nothing that will stick, but the weatherman predicts another hard winter like last year. You and your spouse share a look that says, “We can do better! Why not conduct our business over the internet where it’s warm and sunny and relaxed. You both say out loud, “Why don’t we sell our house fast and move to Mexico?”

The question is how can we sell fast and beat the winter?

We have read the tips about selling fast. They are time-consuming. They require choosing a realtor and choosing the right price for our house. The tips tell us to make the house look great from the curb, and move all of the personal things out of the house. Where are we going to put the personal things? We want to move all of our personal things to Mexico. The tips also suggest we stage the home for sale, which may be expensive. After doing all that is suggested, there’s no guarantee we won’t be here this winter. What if we find a buyer and the buyer backs out at the last moment?

There is a better way!

Try calling a real estate investor. It is quick! You can sell your house fast in Baltimore normally in 30 days or less. That is much quicker than a traditional sale, which can take several months even if there are no major items that need to be repaired before closing. In most cases when an investor and a seller can agree on a price immediately, they can close as quickly as one to two weeks.

A real estate investor will buy as-is. Worrying about some repairs that you’ll need to fix based on an appraisal? An investor will estimate the repairs needed to restore your property and will purchase the property in whatever condition the property is currently in.

No Fees! A real estate investor doesn’t charge you a real estate commission, and may take care of any other nagging financial problems such as back taxes, code violations, or past due water and sewer bills.

A real estate investor is not just for the “soon to be expats that can’t take another winter in Baltimore.” No, there are other reasons you might want to sell your house fast, such as divorce, bankruptcy, inherited property, foreclosure, pre-foreclosure, or vacancy. You have options. This real estate investor stands ready to help.

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