Sign of Healthy Market

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The Washington Blade reported “Best July for closed sales and pending sales in a decade!” shout the real estate headlines. It’s a sign of healthy market activity. As you can see from the chart, the number of sales in the District has been climbing steadily from 343 in January 2008 to 821 this past July 2015. At the same time, however, available residential property listings have steadily declined, from 2,815 in January 2008 to a low point of 966 in January 2013.

Maybe you would like to be one of the sellers and put your house on the market, but you worry about deferred maintenance on your house. You just haven’t had the money.

You could call Trusted Homebuyers.  We buy “as is” houses. You don’t need an inspector to go through your house, telling you what items to fix before you can sell. You don’t have to reduce your sale price by the cost of the repairs pointed out by the inspector. There are no realtor commissions of 5 to 6% to pay out of your proceeds. In fact, there are no fees whatsoever. There are no open houses to live through and no fears that something goes wrong when it’s time to close and you lose the buyer.

Try calling Trusted Homebuyers, a real estate investor. It is quick! You can sell your house fast in Baltimore or the Washington DC area. Normally it takes 30 days or less. That is much quicker than a traditional sale, which can take several months even if there are no major items that need to be repaired before closing. In most cases when an investor and a seller can agree on a price immediately, they can close as quickly as one to two weeks.

You could call Trusted Homebuyers, if you are living in a city outside the Washington D.C. area when you inherit a house in the District. It is awfully hard to take care of business and see your family in one city and deal with an inherited property in another. Selling a house as is may be the easiest way to resolve the situation. We can visit the house note any repairs that need to be made, appraise any changes that need to be made to bring the property up to code or make it more marketable.

As investors, we are in business to make a modest profit on any deal. We will figure what the market is for your house at its best, subtract the cost of renovation and our profit and make you an all cash offer. We will answer any questions about how we arrived at our price and you can accept or reject our offer. There is no obligation.

You could call Trusted Homebuyers when selling a house “as is” may be the quickest way of finalizing a divorce and moving on quickly. Or you and your spouse could call us, if you want to downsize quickly and buy a smaller house in some exotic location.

Trusted Homebuyers being one of the biggest investors in Maryland, we make money by volume not on any one property.  Which allows us to pay the absolute most for properties. Trusted Homebuyers is one of the leaders of a nationwide group of thousands of investors who are helping tens of thousands of homeowners every year.  We may not be the “traditional” route, but the reason so many choose to work with us is because we CAN help and we can do it quickly, which creates a win-win situation and allows you to sell quickly with no repairs.

Trusted because buying your home is guaranteed

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