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Home Sales Ballooned in Baltimore

The Baltimore Sun reported that home sales ballooned in Baltimore  in May, with prices rising significantly in Baltimore City but only modestly if at all in the surrounding counties. As the spring and summer home sales season gets fully underway, the region saw increases in the number of home sales closed, new contracts and new […]
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3-Point Guaranteed Offer System

Trusted Homebuyers has initiated a proprietary 3-point guaranteed offer system. The first point is a quick phone call where we gather some initial information to determine our seller’s needs and assess the property for our preliminary discovery. The second point is where we provide a lot of value to the home seller with our “Trusted […]
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Trusted Homebuyers has blogged about caring for the aged in Senior Move Managers and how the team helps with the sorting and organizing the elders’ personal effects prior to a move. In Selling an Inherited House, we wrote about working with real estate professionals to sell an inherited house and advised while you clean, you can […]
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