Valuing the Personal Belongings of a Loved One

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Heirloom Kit
Hannah-Bergen Heirloom Kit

Trusted Homebuyers has blogged about caring for the aged in Senior Move Managers and how the team helps with the sorting and organizing the elders’ personal effects prior to a move. In Selling an Inherited House, we wrote about working with real estate professionals to sell an inherited house and advised while you clean, you can divvy up the folks personal belongings and arrange to sell the rest in a garage sale or estate sale. We even blogged about the estate when a person dies. We asked the question what happens to the estate; the bank and savings accounts, the stock and bond accounts, the real estate, insurance, trusts, annuities, business interests and other assets. “It depends.” we answered. There seems to be one common link in those three blog posts: valuing the personal belongings of a loved one.

If you were to walk through your grandmother’s or mother’s house, she could tell you stories about each piece of furniture, painting or photo; where it came from, when it was acquired; so many things that might be treasured by heirs when they go looking at their past. The folks at a new company called Hannah Bergen believed there should be a way to keep track of the stories of a hand mirror owned by your grandmother, a photograph that hung in your home as a child or the gold wedding band dented and worn down by time. Hannah Bergen developed a simple, low-tech, and lasting way for anyone to collect information and affix archival-quality tags or labels to furniture, art, tableware, and all sorts of objects.

The kit contains all you need to label heirlooms; heirloom tags, artwork tags, heirloom stickers, book of provenance, jewelry bag, pen, ribbon and scissors. Then when it comes time to sort, organize, and divvy up the assets, you can cherish your loved ones possessions and know the story behind their acquisition.

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