When is the Best Time to Sell Your House

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When I saw the headline, When is the Best Time to Sell Your House, I immediately thought the author at Realty Today was going to tell me what time of day is best. My mind just works that way. Certainly I thought not between the hours of midnight and eight am.

Turns out, and you have already figured this out, the author was writing about the calendar, the months, the seasons. The author says there is the academic calendar in late spring/early summer when the kids are not in school with the aim of settling in before school starts. This is to avoid having to deal with everything – from back-to-school preparations and moving in to a new house – all at once.

Then there is the is the tax calendar, the time of year when new professionals consider cutting the taxes on your huge salaries by closing escrow on homes between the time they graduate and the year end. After April 15th, there’s a motivation to avoid paying huge taxes next year, so they start looking for another or bigger house.

Next is the weather calendar. Some who live in Maryland, New York or Boston want to wait until spring to sell to avoid the bad weather. In California, is there ever a bad day? Others think the fall is a great time to sell. School has started and buyers want to get nestled in before the snow flies. Still others are most happy to sell in November or December, the holiday calendar, because the serious buyers are out looking.

Finally, there is the Gregorian calendar. Home buying is most popular during the start of the year. Why? Because buyers around this time are looking forward to career promotions, developing relationships, or relocating to a new place or home.

Are you seeing any pattern here? There is no bad time to sell, well maybe between midnight and eight am. If you want to sell, make your house presentable and ask the right price.

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