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Personal Property Solutions 

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Assessment & Planning 

Each move is different…each estate situation is different…and we understand that each of our clients has a unique set of needs to be met. We also realize how stressful it can be to manage the process alone. The advantage of working with Trusted Home Buyers is that from “under one roof” we manage all of the services you need to ensure a less stressful experience for you. One of our experienced Planning Specialists will first meet with you to assess your situation and gain an understanding of your specific requirements and timing. Then, together with our alliance partners, we will create your personalized Downsizing Plan or Estate Liquidation Plan. We handle all of the details to help eliminate the stress and take you from “overwhelmed” to “overcoming” the obstacles that would otherwise complicate and delay the process.

Personal Property Evaluation 

Accurate evaluation and appraisal is often a helpful first step in determining what to do with personal property. When needed, our certified appraisers can provide an itemized valuation report that can guide you in your decision-making about whether to move, distribute, sell, or donate personal items.

Personal Property Distribution

When it comes to the distribution of personal property, we follow the designations of your Personalized Plan – removing the burden from you. Our conscientious teams will carefully pack and ship the items you have designated to send to family members or others.  We also coordinate distribution to any charities or local organizations you have chosen to receive items.  And, when it’s time to move to your new home, not only do we manage the entire packing, moving, and unpacking process, but we also arrange the furniture according to the floor plan developed specifically for you.

Personal Property Sale

We offer multiple solutions for the sale of personal property, based on the quantity and value of items to be sold.  We can coordinate an on-site “tag sale,” advertise and sell individual items or collections locally or online, and auction individual items or entire estates to achieve the highest possible sales price in the timeframe that meets the goals of your Personalized Plan.

Personal Property Clean-Out

After all desired personal items have been distributed, moved, or sold, we provide final property clean-out services to dispose of any unwanted items or debris.