Unbiased Solutions 

What differentiates us from others is our broad range of expertise and depth of experience, paired with our detailed analytical approach. Because our team includes real estate agents, certified auctioneers, real estate experts, and investors, we can draw from multiple sales strategies – NOT JUST ONE – to determine the best solution for the sale of your home or inherited estate property. If you approach a real estate agent, “standard MLS listing” will be the recommended solution…If you consult an auction house, “auction” will be the recommended solution…and if you consult a traditional real estate investor, “as is” cash sale will be the recommendation. When working with Trusted Home Buyers, you always get a fair, unbiased evaluation and recommendation. We carefully assess the condition of your property, relative market value, and all of the details of your specific situation – taking everything into consideration – before recommending the most advantageous solution for you and your loved ones.

Real Property Evaluation 

Our experienced team of property inspectors performs a thorough, on-site inspection to properly evaluate the condition of the property in order for us to intelligently compare it to the current, active housing market.  Based on our findings we determine the best sales strategy to achieve the most expeditious sale at the highest price possible for your specific situation.

Real Property Repairs

Using our extensive skills and experience in property repair and renovation, our designers and contractors can make the necessary and most sensible repairs to bring the property up to current market value – ensuring the quickest sale of the property at the highest price possible.

Real Property Clean-Out

After all desired personal items have been removed, we can perform a complete cleanout and dispose of all debris or unwanted items – eliminating the work and stress from you or your loved ones.  And, in difficult situations where property may have been the subject of hoarding, we can first sort through everything to find important documents, salvageable items, items that may have significant market value, and items that may have sentimental value to you.