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It’s important to us that the homeowners we work with have a great experience with us. In the end, we’re not happy if we’re not able to provide you with the solution you want. So, check out what others have said about us. Here’s just a few snippets of what other people we’ve worked with have said.

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“My dad passed and I had been maintaining his house for the past few years. I was referred to Trusted Homebuyers  by a friend, and within a week of calling them, I accepted a very fair offer. Quick and easy, and now I can spend my time restoring my antique car! “

Ken B

I wanted to share my truth about Susan and Trusted Homebuyers. Death can unexpected and honestly we are never prepared for it, when you loose your mother and you are an only child you now become the parent of your parent and decision has to be made. In 2017 my world begin to spin my mother took ill and December 2017 I lost her. I had no Idea how to handle anything I somehow turned into the little girl but I knew I had to be handle things like funeral arrangements her house etc… Overwhelming I received the business card of Susan-Trusted Home buyers from the Register of Wills. I know I needed to sell my mom’s house but I was on the fence of letting it go but I knew I had to. I live in a different state but when my mom took ill, Interstate 95 became my second home it did not matter how much I travel it was my mom. I contacted Susan in 2018 about my mom house and I was very honest and she was very honest with me. At that point I knew I could trust her. We had multiple phone calls and again I knew selling mom house would be finale for me. I was trying to grieve and take care of everything I grew tired and stress. I called Susan again February 2019 we finally met in Baltimore in March I knew she was my angel. She was honest and so was I she did not promise me anything but she will work on my behalf and I needed to hear that and that she did. Susan had a buyer within a week or so I traveled back on 95 for closing and Susan went with me even, though she normally does not goes to closing but she knew i needed her there. So in all of this I’m saying be honest with her, trust her and she will work for you. I highly recommend Trusted Homebuyers they are about honest and integrity.

Love my Angel!!!

Just wanted to thank Susan and her team.  Susan was a huge help in getting my mother-in-law’s property sold.  We had tried for almost a year to sell the property with no success.  Susan and her team had it sold in less than 6 weeks.  It was a lot of work down sizing from a 3 story home to a 1 bedroom apt, but Susan worked with us and made the transition almost painless.  I would recommend Susan to do a great job.

Judy R

Annette Huddleston needed help. Her mother had dementia. Her mother’s home had to be sold.
Before it could be sold, it needed to be remodeled. And caring for her mother had become a full-
time job.
After trying and failing to get help from traditional real estate agents, Annette found the solution
she was seeking when she contacted Trusted Homebuyers. Trusted Homebuyers provides
comprehensive transition services for individuals or families who are downsizing or settling an
estate. The company offers customized “all-in-one” packages to ensure a less stressful and
more comfortable move experience for families. From handling personal possessions to
managing the sale of a home, Trusted Homebuyers helps families with every step of the
downsizing and moving process.
Annette Huddleston’s mother, Ruth Wilson, loved children. She was the mother of three
children, but she was a surrogate mother for countless young people throughout the years.
“After my brothers and I went to school, my mother decided to start keeping other children
during the day to make a little bit of money,” Annette recalled. “But the primary reason was that
she loved children. I really could not tell you how many kids came through our house. It was that
house in the neighborhood that was always full of kids. It was wonderful.”
Ruth continued to live in the family home for decades after her children grew up and for several
years after her husband passed away. As her dementia progressed, she started to experience
challenges living alone. One of her sons moved in to help care for her. Later, a cousin lived with
her to provide full-time care. When the cousin could no longer live with her, Ruth had to move to
an assisted living community.
“She really was not happy with the move,” Annette recalled. “She was also very confused. She
was constantly asking for us to take her home, but she just couldn’t go home.”
At the assisted living community, Ruth suffered a fall and was taken to the hospital. While she
was in the hospital, Annette and her husband decided that they would move her mother into
their home on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.
“Initially my mother was so happy because she was going home,” Annette said. “When we got
to our house—where she had been countless times over thirty years—she didn’t recognize it,
and she was not happy.”
That was the beginning of a very difficult six weeks for the entire family. Ruth still wanted to go
home and was not satisfied in Annette’s home. Annette and her husband struggled to care for
her and keep her safe. Meanwhile, Annette was trying to begin the process of selling her
mother’s home.
“After speaking to a couple of realtors, I was very discouraged,” Annette remembered. “They
told us all the things that needed to be done to sell the house, and I knew our family just didn’t
have the time or the money to do those things.”

That is when Annette connected with Trusted Homebuyers and learned about their
comprehensive services. The family decided to enlist the company to clean out the home and to
direct a renovation partnership to prepare the home to be sold for top market value.
The process took several months, but Trusted Homebuyers handled all the details, so Annette
could focus on spending time with her mother. Annette and Ruth were together the day she
passed away, and Annette was able to express her love and to tell her mother that it was okay
to go.
Several months after Ruth passed away, the renovation of her former home was completed.
Recently, Annette was able to tour the updated home, and she was astonished at the impact of
the makeover.
“The house is absolutely gorgeous,” Annette said. “It looks like a brand-new home. I wish my
mother could see it. It really is beautiful.”
Now that the process is complete, Annette is extremely grateful that she turned to experts to
help her navigate preparing and selling her mother’s home. “We could not have done this on our
own,” she admitted. “Trusted Homebuyers made the selling process so much easier and more
pleasant for me and my family.”
Annette went on to explain that throughout the process of emptying and renovating the home,
she was in constant contact with Susan Gibson of Trusted Homebuyers. “Every time I called,
she’d answer, and on the rare occasions that she didn’t, she called me back within 15 minutes.
She answered all of my questions and addressed all of my concerns,” Annette said.
When the time came to empty the home of personal possessions, Trusted Homebuyers told
Annette and her family to simply take what they wanted and leave everything else. “We were
free from all the stuff,” she said. “That made things so much easier on us all.”
When she turned to Trusted Homebuyers, Annette got more than help. She got a
comprehensive solution. She got partners to walk her through every step of the home selling
process. She got the assistance her family desperately needed—and definitely deserved.


After the sudden death of our bachelor son who lived 5 hours away in the Baltimore area, we worked hard to clear his townhouse. Then we decided we must find help to clear the residue, to fix it up and to sell it. 

Talking with several reliable people doing this type of things made it apparent that Trusted Buyers was the way to go.  They assured us we didn’t need to do anything further and at the closing things couldn’t have gone smoother. 

When they couldn’t fulfill the promise of short term storage, they went so far as to find someone to haul a few still wanted things down to our home area.

Fred and Helen-Va.

When my mother in law needed to move in with us, we called several investors. We were not happy with their offers or response time. We needed the most we could get for her house, sell as is and needed to do it before winter. We got an immediate response from THB, they came out to see our house and we made a decision that week to move forward with THB. I can’t tell you how easy this was, even the settlement process was quick and easy.


When my mom died, I knew I had to sell her house. I was going to sell it myself, but decided it was too
much work. I got a letter from THB and decided to call. We were so pleased with THB, Susan and Jay
were so pleasant and easy to deal with, and closing was a breeze. We will be selling our own home and a
rental in the next year and we will certainly call THB to help us with the sale of these homes.

Jerry and Deborah-Severn MD

Hi Susan

I wanted to send this email to thank you for the professionalism and attentiveness and all of your help with selling/buying  my dads property. Dealing with his estate has been challenging and interesting as I learned my way thru unchartered territories. Your patience and quick communication was appreciated to the utmost.  From the first letter you sent ( signed by you) with an interest in the property ——up thru settlement this morning – I appreciate every step we took together.   I hope that Jay and Trusted Buyers – fully appreciate  and understand what an asset you are. During scary covid restrictions – you made this process seem flawless. 

Thank you for everything – stay well and enjoy that new grandbaby and every thing else positive that life throws your way. 

You were a true blessing in a tough time in my life.

LeAnn H

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BW Homebuyers-

I apologize for not having a name to address this “thank you” to.  I am/was the buyer’s agent for Trae Z, who purchased 1312 Fordham Ct.  on June 29.  At the walk through prior to closing, the AC wasn’t working even though we had a repair receipt.

I THANK you and APPRECIATE the integrity and care you extended to Trae + his wife in getting the AC fixed after closing. They we SO HAPPY (me, too) and love the house. 

You are special.

Thank you sincerely,

Terry G

Keller Williams Flagship

Terry G